The Freshest Ingredients

At Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop, the cornerstone of each dish is the use of the finest and freshest ingredients. Every element, from vegetables to meats, is sourced with care, ensuring that patrons experience the true essence of Trinidadian flavors. The dedication to quality ingredients is what sets the foundation for the culinary journey that awaits.

Locally sourced and thoughtfully selected, these ingredients infuse the dishes with an authenticity that transports patrons to the shores of Trinidad. With each bite, guests can savor the dedication to using only the best, delivering a dining experience that resonates with the harmony of nature’s bounty.

Authentic Caribbean Flavors

Each dish is a harmonious blend of flavors that pays homage to the culinary traditions of Trinidad and Tobago. From the piquant kick of scotch bonnet peppers to the rich depth of curry blends, every spice tells a story of the Caribbean’s rich gastronomic heritage. These time-honored recipes, passed down through generations, are complemented by innovative techniques that elevate the dining experience. The result is a symphony of taste that delights both connoisseurs of tradition and those seeking new, exciting flavors.

Menu of Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop

The menu is a portal to the diverse culinary landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. From classic staples to hidden gems, every dish offers a glimpse into the country’s culinary mosaic. Whether indulging in the warmth of a traditional Roti or savoring the savory delights of doubles, patrons embark on a culinary voyage that captures the heart of the Caribbean.

Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop prides itself on catering to a range of tastes and preferences. The menu boasts a diverse selection that includes aromatic curries, tender meats, and delectable sides. Whether seeking the comfort of familiar flavors or the thrill of exploration, patrons will find a dish that resonates with their palate, making every visit a celebration of culinary diversity.


Chicken (Curry)

Boneless Chicken

Beef Liver



Oxtail (Stew)

Fish (Stew or Fried)



Potato and Channa


Vegetable (with Soya)



Roti: All roti’s are served wrapped, with potatoes unless instructed otherwise.
Buss-Up: Served with potatoes, Spinach, channa and pumpkin in pan.
Dinners: Come with the choice of either white rice or peas and rice.